ITTAHO window vacuum cleaner kit with powersqueegee,spray bottle,microfiber cleaning head,exstension pole,suction nozzle
• The full window vacuum cleaner kit can be able to clean Windows,Mirrors,Condensation,Showers,Car windows,Spills,and Sofa and Corner dust and Flat surface.
• Ittaho Power Squeegee Eliminates Streaks and Catch all the Drips While Cleaning Windows and Other Flat Surfaces.
• Saves Effort, Time and Money. Light Weight and Easy to Use; Works Indoors and Outdoors. Cordless and Maintenance, built in 2000mAh Lithium-Ion Battery.
• The provided 22.23inches exstension pole Perfectly help you to clean the high or outdoor windows,will be your favorite window washer tool.
• Ittaho Product offer 1-year quality warranty,Provide Free and New replacement accessories within 3monthes except the Squeegee blade/Microfiber cleaning head and Brush.
Sponge Squeegee Rubber Car Window Cleaning Kit with Extendable Handle Extension Pole for Car Windshield Cleaner
HIGH-QUALITY SPONGE SQUEEGEE KIT: Sponge squeegee is composed of a nylon mesh, a super absorbent sponge, a natural rubber scraper, extendable stainless steel poles, and an ergonomic anti-skid handle. It is stronger, easier for use and cleaning, and has a longer extension pole compared with the sponge squeegee of the gas station.
PERFECT CLEANING PRODUCT: Nylon mesh can enhance the wipe function; the sponge can absorb water without dripping; and the natural rubber scraper is made from environment-friendly plastic that ensures appropriate hardness. With such perfect structure design, the sponge squeegee will not damage car paint or the surface of an object, effectively wipe away dust, dew, fingerprint, guano, dirt and so on.
EXTENDABLE STAINLESS STEEL POLE:The pole can be unlimitedly lengthened. You can clean windshields of large trucks, the top of carriages or higher windows at your home, rather than do the cleaning on a stool or chair, ensures your safety of when your cleaning.
Microfiber Flat Mop Floor Dust Mop Kit with 2 Microfiber Mop Pad Refill and 1 Non-slip Stainless Steel Extendable Handle
KIT INCLUDED: (2) 17" Superior Microfiber Mop Pads, (1) Telescopic Microfiber Mop Handle, (1) Durable Microfiber Mop Flat Frame.
MORE QUICKLY: Our Professional Microfiber Mop will make the dreaded chore of cleaning your floors quick and easy. It was designed so cleaning pros could leave their clients floors sparkling efficiently without a mop bucket or the need for harsh chemicals. With it, in just a few minutes you can clean your floors and move on to the more important things in your life.
360 SWIVEL HEAD: Our 360 swivel head mop system design is easy to use and highly effective. Use our unique sliding aluminum base plate design to quickly reach deeper under furniture and glide effortlessly around objects. Simply slide the handle over to one side to engage this feature and let the mop do the work for you.
Ittaho Window Cleaner: 3-in-1 Professional Squeegee, Window Scrubber and Extension Pole, 13"
3-IN -1 WINDOW SQUEEGEE KIT: Multi-function window cleaner with Natural Rubber squeegee and microfiber scrubbing pads together. Scrub, wipe and clean is so easy to complete.
EXTENSION POLE: The shortest length is 18inch, the longest length is 28 inch. The telescoping pole also allows you to safely reach high windows without the need for stool or step ladders.
SAVE TIME: The length of microfiber is 12inch, Wider coverage, faster cleaning.
LIGHT WEIGHT EVER: The toal weight of this window squeegee just 0.66 pound, Let you finish cleaning without effort, without pain in your arm.
Window Squeegee Professional Window Cleaning with 2 Natural Rubber Scraping and 1 Non-slip Stainless Steel Extendable Po
KIT INCLUDED: (1) 9.8" Window Squeegee Natural Rubber Scraping (1) free 17.7" Window Squeegee Natural Rubber Scraping (1) Ergonomic Grip with Adjustable Joint (1) Extendable Handle 42"-56" (1)with Glass Cleaner
PROFESSIONAL QUALITY: The Stainless steel Squeegee are durable and long lasting. It has a flexible blade that can be used on rippled surfaces, while the soft handle nestles in the palm of your hand without slipping.
SAFETY: The Squeegee handle also allows you to safely reach high windows without the need for stools or step ladders.
CONVENIENCE: Adjustable joint allow you to replace different squeegee, mop, broom and you to handle different situations.
FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE: When you order from us today you are protected by a no-questions-asked thirty day money-back-guarantee and world class customer service. Simply contact our customer service department and we will take care of you.
Foam Floor Squeegee Rubber Broom with 1 Stainless Steel Extendable Handle for Cleaning Water Dust and Dog Hair ITTAHO
KIT INCLUDED: (1) Washable broom with detachable broom head, 180 degrees flexible clean, convenient and effective than the traditional mop clean. (1) Stainless Steel Extendable Handle, the Squeegee handle also allows you to safely reach high windows without the need for stools or step ladders.
CONVENIENCE: Unlike the traditional broom,you will never worry Dust and hair gets trapped to the broom,and sucks up all the floor dust, hair, fluff and other low weight dirt.Simply apply some light pressure to the water squeegee to get the job done.
MULTI-FUNCTION: Our floor scrubber squeegee is perfect whether you’re looking for a wood, tile, marble, glass, concrete or garage floor squeegee.
HIGH QUALITY: EVA high-density material are tough enough for scrubbing rough concrete surfaces but are gentle enough to be used safely. It is easy to clean the broom head.
FRIENDLY CUSTOMER SERVICE: When you order from us today you are protected by a no-questions-asked thirty day money-back-gua
Reacher Grabber Long Handy Grip Aid Tool for Trash Pick Up, Garden Nabber, Disabled, Pregnant women, Never Bend Waist, A
GOOD HELPER FOR YOUR LIFE: Reacher Grabber can take the things without bending over or stepping on the foot stool, which is definitely friendly for the pregnant women, the elderly and the injured.
CORRUGATED RUBBER CHUCK: Fitter and tighter, which can easily take the coin, pill, paper, small toy and garbage or red wine, can, cloth and such things.
ALUMINUM GOLDEN POLE:Reacher Grabber longer and lighter, it can be used easily even in such tricky positions such as on the top of the shelf, under the bed, behind the furniture, in the corner gap, on the floor, in the lawn and in the pool.
STURDY AND DURABLE:The pole is made of high quality aluminum alloy, it is lightweight, sturdy and durable; The chuck rubber part is made via one-time synthesis, different from the plastic sleeve design of the similar products, and the rubber head will not be separated; Each rivet is made by the craftsman personally to ensure its firmness and durability.
Plastic Wall Scraper for Removing Paint Vinyl Glue with 10 cm Blades Set ITTAHO
Ideal for vinyl,decals,sign,tint film glue residue removing application.
Premium Plastice hand grip, you just need light pressure catch the scraper.
Safety for using: Protective safety cap, The back side of Blade outward To protect the user's safety, you should loosen the screws and turn the scraper back for using.
Universal threaded works with all popular extension pole, you can use the combination to clean the higher place.
Package Included: 1 Plastic Scraper & 10 Blades, just loosen the screws to interchange the blade.
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